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The website will load the Android-specific landing page telling you that the website itself doesn't work on mobile devices (like most of its competitors do, by the way) but it can be accessed via a native app that can be downloaded and installed on your device.

PlayOLG is the only online casino regulated by the Province of Ontario. The new mobile app is a step in that direction and will make lots of Ontarian players very happy. For Android users, though, things are a bit more complicated - our short guide may be of service for them.

For quite some time, offshore minimum deposit casinos had the major advantage of serving you in such cases, offering a complete gaming experience on mobile phones. But the performance should not be far off the target because PlayOLG has launched the new mobile app.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. This shows that the Ontario online casino intends to keep pace with the offshore sites servicing local players and with its counterparts in other regulated markets. The PlayOLG Casino app supports mobile devices connected via Wi-Fi (through a land-based Internet service located in Ontario), or a cellular network.

The online casino web site PlayOLG is in the news. You'll have to download it from the PlayOLG website and install it on your device - and you'll have to change a handful of settings to be able to do so. Therefore the chance to wager while commuting or waiting for an appointment will bring more players into the fold.

Update includes fixes when making a deposit and performance enhancements when using the App on the iPhone X. Starting this year, PlayOLG has caught up with its offshore counterparts, launching its own native casino apps on Android and iOS. The mobile app will give many more players access to some of the biggest and most popular online games in the PlayOLG portfolio.

On its first anniversary PlayOLG has gifted its loyal players with a new gambling app. This will allow Ontarians to place wagers from their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. To access the app via Wi-Fi (through a land-based Internet service located in Ontario), there is no need to register your device, simply log in.

This might seem simple: head over to the PlayOLG website on your Android smartphone. Once all these steps are completed, you'll be able to run the PlayOLG mobile app and play from wherever you are, whenever you want. A listing of the newest online casino & gambling related articles that have been added to Canadian Casino Sites can be found featured in the listing below.

IPhone owners have it easy: they can simply head over to the App Store, download and install the app, and start playing. Run the PlayOLG casino app, log on with your username and password, and start playing. It will allow users to play poker cash games against punters in other provinces.

I want to get her to start gambling early so she will be really good at it for when she is old enough to have her own PlayOLG account. Enjoy many of your favourite PlayOLG games in a convenient mobile app. It is the authorized online casino of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC) that was launched a year ago and allows Canadian players of the province to gamble online.


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