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What I will tell all of you is that it DOES learn how you play, they can say its all random all they want, but I went from $150.00 to $300.00 fairly quickly then bam, with just $15-$20 bets, it would keep getting 17-20 most of the time and then giving me a 6-16 every time.

As a Canadian residing in Ontario, you may have seen the plastered signs on every bus stop, subway train or any available media outlet that there's a new website where players from Ontario can go to play some really cool slots and a variety of other online casino games.

Again PlayOLG didn't bother to do any research and launched with the minimal amount of decent games. The dealer won 95% of the games. Offers the two main Canadian national lottery games - Lotto Max and Lotto 649. When you finally get to a computer that will actually allow you to play the provided selection of games you have as mentioned above, 28 games to choose from.

I play the OLG games and I have won at most $9000.00 and did a withdraw. I tried all 20 slot games and found them to be extremely out dated, laggy, boring and over all just really really bad. Takes mega spins to get a bonus and always pays low just a little over your bet most times.

All the games are a scam, they don't win anything more than 5 cents. Might as well dump your money in the trash if playing the online slots. I tracked 200 hands and won 21% of time drawing on 16 and standing on 17. Dealer 92% of time got 17-21 off of deal. However, there are a large number of online casinos that offer between 100 and 300 different games that are still excellent choices for online casino lovers.

First thing you may notice is that unless you have a pretty good graphics card the games are extremely laggy. I have a problem loading their games all the time. LOL no, just seems odd as not once when playing blackjack in a casino has that happened. For those of you from Ontario who are looking to play at a real online casino to try Video Slots They offer over 600 great games and you will love how realistic their casinos are.

Video poker is different, the payscale in video poker determines the payout percentage on a particular game variation. A total of 20 slots, 0 video poker games and 8 Table games for a grand total of 28 games. Definitely a scam, playing fast poker. The Thousand Islands slot machines, for example, have been known to pay out far less, even less than legally required.

Also, the fact that blackjack doesn't count towards the bonus would suggest their game isn't rigged. Slot machines are standardized to pay out between 89-91% pretty much around the world. For a BJ game with a house edge of about 0.5%, -10 bets over ~300 bets is a standard deviation of about 0.6, so about 27% of the time after 300 hands you'll be down 10 bets or worse so it's not particularly unusual.

PlayOLG is quick to take your money, but not to give it out. Keep in mind, any money charged to a credit card is recognized by the supplier as a cash payment so starts earning interest immediately. Players can use Visa, Master card and Direct Debit Cards to deposit money to their account (don't forget to make sure it's a card registered in Ontario).

Every time I increase the bet, the dealer all of a sudden gets blackjack or 21 over and over again. OLG Online slots are very very pathetic. Their casino games are offered play for free” or play for real” though either way players have to register. I like playing 2 columns and cover the zero for insurance to get about even pay on better than 47% coverage you get from black-red-odd-even-high-low bets.|||||||||


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